Shipfinder Help


From the initial search page you are able to search for owners and managers using the Company Code (as indicated in the book) and Company Name. When using the Company Name field there is an additional option to select, using the pull down arrow, 'starts with' or 'contains'.

Once you have entered a value click on the 'Go' button, which will then display the results of your search. In the event that the search returns more than 10 matches, the horizontal arrows (< < > >) can be used to scroll up and down the pages. The results will be listed in alphabetical order.

From the results page it is possible to click on any of the displayed fields for a particular company to display the latest information. A print option is available.


Shipowner Online has been designed to provide users with access to the latest information on owners and managers. Updated daily the facility will enable users to check the current status on the following fields:-